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We, Pauline & Charlotte, are both passionate travellers and filmmakers. For our graduation project at Goldsmiths, University of London, we combined those passions to create TakeOffTalk. We know, there are many travel guides out there and you might ask yourself – what makes TakeOffTalk different? The difference is that we are purposely subjective and personal, which is why we can guarantee authenticity. Because there is no one way to experience a city just like there is not one restaurant that will suit everyone’s taste. So, instead of giving you an objective impersonal overview of the city, TakeOffTalk offers you an insight into the personal thoughts and tips from a range of locals. You learn what they like and dislike about their city, what they do on a Saturday night and where they go to see art. The locals we introduce you to all differ in their age, background and location. So, watch the city video, choose the local you can identify yourself the most with, get to know more about them on their personal page and follow their personal tips. Because, let’s be honest – the best trips are always when you have a local by your side showing you all the places you have never heard of before. TakeOffTalk offers you exactly that – right on your phone!


The TakeOffTalk Team

Pauline Kausch 

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Pauline Kausch is an aspiring filmmaker and creative content creator from Berlin. She recently graduated from Goldsmiths University in London where she did her Bachelor in Media & Communications, specalising in ‘Digital Video Production’. Pauline has previously worked as Assistant Director on numerous feature films in Berlin, Hamburg and London. In the past years, she focused on her own directorial talent and produced various short films in screen fiction, animation and commercial genres. In 2017, Pauline went to the prestigious Tisch, School of Arts in New York and produced ‘Who You Are’ under the guidance of Emmy-winning director Habib Azar.

Charlotte Spencer Jackson

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Charlotte Spencer Jackson is a music and film enthusiast, her passion lies in producing  audio for visuals and short films. Originally from Sheffield, Charlotte  moved to London for work before starting at Goldsmiths University in 2014 to study Media and Communications. In the final years of her degree she began specialising in developing digital video for web platforms, and has produced all of the music for TakeOffTalk using Ableton Live. She has previously worked as an assistant creative director for a visual production company, and now works as a freelancer in production and journalism.

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The TakeOffTalk Team would like to say


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