Alba’s Story

Alba is a 24-year-old student at Roskilde University, where she is doing her Masters in International Development. She is originally from Barcelona, but decided to move to Copenhagen for her education. Alba is very involved in social projects and is campaiging for equality. Aware of the difficulties and barriers for people with a refugee status in Denmark, Alba and her friends wanted to provide support and information for refugees wanting to access higher education. So, they decided to start the project Student Refugees. “We have an application café, where we meet up with refugees and volunteers. We help them filling out forms and teach them how to apply to university.” The Student Refugee project has kept on growing over the years and now recruits many volunteers who want to get involved and help.


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Recently the European University Association created the online map ‘Refugees Welcome’. It shows projects and initiatives across Europe that work to promote accessibility and inclusion of refugees into education on basis of equality. Alba’s project Student Refugees was also presented and acknowledged on that map! Even though, Alba is critical of some parts of the Danish system and lifestyle, she wants to stay in Copenhagen and keep developing Student Refugees. “Because Denmark does provides society with some services which allow you to think more in a creative way. You can allow yourself to be not that much job orientated, you can think more about what you really like and develop yourself.”


Alba’s Copenhagen Tips

The Best Street

Rantzausgade! I used to live there and I loved it. It has many cool bars and it’s a cool area. 

The Best Restaurant

Paludan Café – it’s a really cosy place. And I love the food, it is a bit of everything.

The Perfect Night
Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 18.07.24
Meatpacking District

Always depends on the weather in Copenhagen. Normally, I’d go to the Meatpacking District, you can always find a good party there. But when it’s cold and snowy, watching a movie and cuddling with your friends is just the best. 

The Place to meet Locals

There are various places in Nørrebrogade, where I’ve met some cool Copenhageners. 

The Art Hotspot
Lousiana Museum

I go to a place called Louisiana, it’s a little train ride away, but really worth it. Besides that, there is the Kunsthal Charlottenborg, which is great. They have temporary exhibitions about social modern critique.

My Copenhagen Song

Marshall Cecil – ‘Going up / Going down’

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