Anna’s Story

Anna is a true born and bred Berliner. Her creative Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 17.42.37talent got her into the Design academy university in Berlin, where she studies communication design. In her course, she is learning various art forms from filmmaking to painting. Berlin is definitely a place, where you can express yourself in your work, not exclusively but especially in the creative field. It’s the place to be for everything new at the moment, for young companies and all the start-ups.” Besides from her studies, Anna is enjoying all that Berlin has offer in the culture, food and nightlife scene. “I remember when I started university, the lecturers warned everyone to be careful. The nightlife actually is really big and quite crazy.”


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© Anna Rausch

Anna recently moved into the heart of Kreuzberg, a neighborhood known for its artsy and trendy lifestyle. Anna loves living in that area, which “gives her the freedom to be whoever she wants to be”. But living in Berlin can also have disadvantages and it’s important not to ignore what is going on around you. “Like in any big capital probably, you sometimes see things that you don’t really want to see. I think there is a big problem in Berlin with drugs. People do it very openly, sometimes even right next to you at the subway station.” But despite these issues, Anna loves living in Berlin and can’t imagine living anywhere else. “I am one of these Berliners, who is really proud to live here and not matter what I will do in the future, I will always come back.”



Anna’s Berlin Tips

The Best Street
Market at Bergmannstraße

Obviously Bergmannstrasse!

The Best Restaurant

1990 Vegan Living, it’s an amazing Vietnamese restaurant!

The Perfect Night

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Go grab something to drink at a Späti (the 24h shops), go for more drinks to Haus am See, then go clubbing at Farbfernseher and after dancing the night away go for breakfast at Schwarzes Café.

The Place to meet Locals

Cuccuma Café, there are always people, who are up for a chat. In summer, I’d recommend Mauerpark, a huge park with a lovely flea market in it. 

The Art Hotspot
C/O Gallery

I love the C/O Gallery. And you can also always find great street art in Kreuzberg! 

My Berlin Song

Paul Kalkbrenner – ‘Train’

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