Berlin – a cultural hotspot and a city that never sleeps. There is something for everybody in Berlin. Not only the neighbourhoods differ immensely, the scenes do as well. The nightlife is as crazy and wild as its reputation, but you can also find incredible history and culture at every corner. This is why it is the perfect city to get lost in the streets and to discover it by yourself. Find some locals to tag along and go explore – whether it will be a new gallery, a new bar or whatever crazy thing is happening around the corner today!

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TakeOffTalk Tips

  • Come when it’s summer! There is nothing better than having a beer on a rooftop like Klunkerkranich, dancing in one of the many open air clubs or taking a swim in the Berlin lakes such as Schlachtensee or Krumme Lanke. Our recommendations for open air bars and clubs are Ipse, Club der Visionäre and Yaam.
  • Don’t get too distracted by the crazy nightlife, make sure you see the rest of Berlin as well! If you do decide to enter Berlin’s infamous nightlife scene, be sure to check out Berghain, the techno temple or clubs like Farbfernseher, Prince Charles, Chalet, About Blank or Zur Wilden Renate. These are just a few of our favs. In case you get lost, have a look at this Club ABC!
  • Make sure to see both the West and East side of Berlin. It’s very interesting to see the differences. There is a brick line going through the city marking where the wall used to divide Berlin. At the East Side Gallery by the river Spree you can even see some remaining pieces of the wall covered with street art.
  • Like in most European countries, everything is shut on Sunday’s in Berlin. This gives you the amazing opportunity to take the city in without the usual craziness. Go have some brunch in Prenzlauer Berg. Anna Blume is one of the many great spots you will find. In the afternoon go relax in the green spaces of Berlin. The Mauerpark has a nice flea market, where you can find everything from clothes to furniture. Also visit the former airport Tempelhof, which has been turned into a cool public space for people to hang out, do sports or play music.     


Apps to download before you TakeOff

  • Street Art Archive – A guide to all the street art of Berlin’s neighborhoods. It provides you with lovely walking tour suggestions through Berlin’s colourful and artsy streets.
  • BVG – Berlin’s public transport system app. It’s running all night through on weekends and you get a ticket at any subway station or via the App. There is no Uber in Berlin, but Taxi prices are quite reasonable.
  • Clever Shuttle and Drive Now – Carsharing is big in Berlin and normally around half the price of what a taxi would cost. Clever Shuttle is only using electronic cars, so you are even doing something good for the environment when you drive into the city!
  • Resident Advisor – Check what’s happening in the clubs. Trust the RA Picks, they are usually good nights! 


The TakeOffTalk Berlin Playlist


TakeOffTalk reached out to the local musicians and producers to hear their thoughts on the music scene in their city. In Berlin, we spoke to music producer Don Alfonso, who is featured in the TakeOffTalk playlist with the song ‘Beste Leben ja’:

“I mainly work with rappers and RnB artists. Berlin has quite a big Hip Hop scene. Although there are so many people in it, you get familiar pretty fast – the circles are small. One thing that is great compared to bigger cities like London or Los Angeles is that you can easily meet people for studio sessions every day because you get around pretty quickly. This allows a lot of spontaneaus action which usually results in the best music.”

Listen to Don Alfonso’s songs on his Spotify!