Copenhagen is a hotpot of urban landscape, architecture, and culture. A city thriving with art, design and talent. This effortlessly cool city is oozing with character and charm everywhere you go. Just walking around the neighbourhoods you can find hidden treasures and surprises. Stylish and clean, the city presents an interesting mix of urban loft-like exteriors and snazzy luxurious interiors. There is a reason why Copenhagen is famous for its happy citizens. The Danish lifestyle lets you escape from any stress and focus on finding your own hygge and lykke!

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TakeOffTalk Tips

  • If you come in winter, pack thermals and lots of coats… It gets very cold! But the Hygge level rises and all of the restaurants, bars and cafes fill you with warmth with beautiful low lighting, cosy chairs, blankets and candles…
  • If you come in summer, make use of all the beautiful green areas!
    afes and restaurants spill out their chairs onto the streets which gives the city a Parisian feel, especially in Nørrebro and Østerbro.
  • No matter if winter or summer, Copenhageners are ALWAYS on their bike. Definitely rent a bike yourself, because the city can be explored best by that. To avoid the tourist fee, don’t rent one on the main streets!
  • Go see the Royal Guard change at the Amalienborg Palace, which takes place everyday at 12. Especially because Copenhagen normally appears so modern, it is nice to get a taste of the Danish history and tradition.
  • Christiania is definitly worth a visit. For 45 years, Christiania has stood as a community-led utopia, its cannabis trade central to a liberal culture. It not only represents an alternative lifestyle, but is also a beautiful spot to hang out and have a coffee. Be aware, no photos allowed!
  • If you are up for a special attraction, visit the cisterns beneath the Søndermarken park. It is a cold, but cool experience! Grab a lantern and explore that unique and slightly creepy space…
  • There are many great places to see art in Copenhagen, but there is nothing like Louisiana, the Museum of Modern Art. It it located on the outskirts of Copenhagen so you need to take a train to get there, but trust us – it’s worth it. It offers not only great art, but a sculpture park, fascinating architecture and – no joke – a view on Sweden!
  • At night, check out Vesterbro and the Meatpacking District. There are nice restaurants and bars. Make sure to explore the side streets as well to find the local’s bars. Our favorite is Cafe Grotten.
  • Try some traditional Danish food! We’d recommend the Smørrebrød at ØL & BRØD, make sure to try some Schnapps with your herring!


Apps to download before you TakeOff

  • ART CPH – Your art guide for the city. Check out the exhibitions and events that are on while you are there and pay them a visit!

  • I Bike CPH – Shows you all bike routes and short cuts around the city!
  • Rejseplanen – The Danish version of Citymapper. It shows you how to get where and which transport links to use. Even though you will most likely explore most of Copenhagen by bike and foot it is a handy backup!
  • Mobilbiletter – Buy your transport ticket right on the app and save time on your commute.


The TakeOffTalk Copenhagen Playlist


TakeOffTalk reached out to local musicians and producers to hear their thoughts on the music scene in their city. In Copenhagen, we spoke to the record label Twin Cities about who they are and what they do.

“Twin Cities is a record label & party-series based in Copenhagen. The party-series is an important part of our collective. We use contemporary venues throughout the whole city, but have previously visited respected venues such as OHM, Paloma Bar & About Blank in Berlin, as well as currently holding a residency at Copenhagen´s Jolene Bar.”

Listen to Twin Cities releases on their Soundcloud!