Günther’s Story

Günther’s story is as extraordinary as his character. When a young photographer saw the former chef at the subway station in Berlin in 2015, he insisted on taking a photograph of him. That photo went viral on 9gag and overnight Günther became a internet star. The supposedly 104 year old ‘Hipster-Grandpa’ (he actually is 70) who goes clubbing in the worlds most infamous techno clubs like Berghain has become a worldwide phenomenon.

No one could get enough of this wonderfully eccentric and life-loving character. Günther has been signed by a model agency, is a regular guest in talk shows and gets asked for a lot of selfies with strangers on nights out in Berlin. The media attention might be new, but Günther’s dandy and classy clothing style has been his trade mark all his life. “Since I was about 15, I have dressed myself in a special way and different from the others. I always wanted to be different. Clothing was also an interesting thing for me because it helped me to convey my feelings and to bring my inside to the outside.”


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In recent years Günther has actually won several fashion awards and made it in the Top 10 of GQ’s list of the ‘100 Best Dressed Men in Germany’. Whilst Günther loves to express himself through clothing, he misses that in younger people nowadays: “I’m a little disappointed because so many people – young people in particular – are hiding in the comfort zone of the mass. And only so few of them are doing their own thing and say ‘Here I am, look at me’”. Günther on the other hand, not only with his style, but also with his positive and charming personality definitely tells us: ‘Here I am, look at me!’ And we love it!


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Or watch this German Deka ad, where Günther does what he is doing best: DANCING!


Günther’s Berlin Tips


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Well, I live in Kreuzberg and that neighbourhood has all I need really and I love walking down Bergmannstraße. But I also like going to Mitte and to stroll around and get lost. Even though I have been living in Berlin for decades, I am still discovering new streets and areas all the time!

Monsieur Vong Restaurant

I prefer casual places over posh places. As every Berliner knows, if you want Asian food you go to Mousieur Vong. For German food, I go to 3 Schwestern, a former hospital and home of the Bethanien-monastery. Kaffebar is my go-to brunch place – the homemade bread with avocado and poached eggs is so good! And the people who are running it are fantastic. I love it there!

Würgeengel Bar

I love meeting my friends in those small intimate bars in Kreuzberg, my go-to bar would be the Würgeengel. I usually don’t leave the East in the evening, but sometimes it can also be nice to go West and go to a rooftop bar or something a bit more fancy. In summer, there is nothing better than sitting by the canal with friends listening to the street musicians.


You won’t believe it, but I’d say in the clubs. Everyone assumes in those loud techno places no one is talking with each other, but I have met incredibly interesting people there. So – go in the clubs, keep your eyes and mind open, put a smile on your face and I guarantee you will meet amazing people!

Kreuzberg Street Art

I love just strolling through the city without a clear destination in mind and by that you will always encounter art. The other day I walked past some bin bags on the streets, they looked very artistic, like a rubbish art installation. That’s Berlin, you know.


Seeed – ‘DICKES B’

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