Hisham’s Story

Hisham is a relatively new Berliner and an aspiring musician. He is 28 and works at a delicious alternative Indian restaurant called Tschüsch. He will be starting at a college in Berlin soon to study a music course he has always wanted to do. “I studied tourism in Syria, but I didn’t like it. There was no way to study music there. And here I am planning to finally do something that I really love.” Alongside becoming a musician, he dreams of becoming an artist. Originally, Hisham is from Syria but he left the country in 2012 to avoid the mandatory military service. Some of his family is living here with him in Germany, but his parents and his youngest brother still live in Damascus.


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Hisham loves living in Berlin and feels really at home here. He describes Berlin as a welcoming city that is rich in diversity and culture. At the weekends he likes to go out with his friends, play basketball and explore all that Berlin has to offer. He collects cool vinyl from the local record shops, and has a guitar which he is teaching himself to play. He is also in the process of learning German. After leaving Syria as a refugee and moving from place to place, Hisham finally feels like he has a proper base in Berlin and can see himself staying in the capital for good. It is the first place where he has been able to be himself and pursue his life long passion of becoming a musician.

Hisham’s Berlin Tips

The Best Street
Schlesisches Tor

I like the streets around Schlesisches Tor, it’s really nice. 

The Best Restaurant

I actually prefer to cook myself. But when I do go out for food or when I miss home, I go to the area around Sonnenallee, where they have lots of Arabic food.  And of course I have to recommend the restaurant where I work, Tschüsch

The Perfect Night

I’d go for some drinks around Schlesisches Tor or Ostkreuz. Afterwards I am definitely going clubbing, places like Mensch Meier or Sisyphos are my favorites. The underground scene is really cool as well.

The Place to meet Locals
Tempelhofer Field

In the clubs mostly. But in Berlin you meet people everywhere, on the street, in the park, everywhere. Especially the green areas are great for socialising – Hasenheide or Tempelhof, the old airport. 

The Art Hotspot

Mhh, I can’t say. I don’t really go see art, sorry!

My Berlin Song

Luk&Fil – ‘Nullpunkt’

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