Jeppe’s Story

Jeepe is a lovely 26 year old Danish man, who was born and raised in Legoland. Seven years ago he moved to Copenhagen to pursue his studies at Copenhagen Business School, where he graduated in 2016 with a MSc. in Business Administration and Corporate Communication. During his time at CBS, Jeppe also attended The Royal Danish Academy where he minored in Design. After completing his studies, Jeppe decided to stay in Copenhagen. “It was an obvious choice for me to stay and launch my career here. Though I’m not reluctant about the idea of going abroad for a few years, there’s no doubt that I wish to live in Copenhagen for the long term.” Today, he is doing project management and communication work at his former university, the Copenhagen Business School. In this rather corporate world, Jeppe is trying to push for more creativity.

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Jeppe’s greatest passion lies in travelling. His life goal is to visit all the countries in the world. He is currently saving up money for his next journey. By now, he has already travelled to 50 countries! The flags of these countries are hanging on the wall of his apartment as proud evidence. But even tough Jeppe loves to travel the world and to engage with other cultures, he clearly loves living in Copenhagen as well, especially because of the relaxed and balanced lifestyle, where you have enough time for work AND your personal passions. This Danish mentality appeals to Jeppe:  “There is a very significant cultural thing about Denmark: you always aim for the average. We don’t have amazing landscapes in Copenhagen, no extravagant buildings or anything like that. There are no extremes. But that makes it so nice to live here.  You find the ‘happy medium’ and that why it is the perfect place to be.”


Check out Jeppe’s Instagram to see all the photos from his travels and the countries he’s visiting!



Jeppe’s Copenhagen Tips

The Best Street

Stefansgade,  Jægersborggade or Nørrebrogade. They are the best places to hang out, there are so many cool little shops and restaurants. And just the life around that whole area is lovely and my go-to area in Copenhagen.

The Best Restaurant

A great local breakfast restaurant here in Nordvest is Fovl. Not only is it super cheap, but also cosy and really nice. Another local one worth mentioning is Tribeca, they do some of the best pizza in town!

 The Perfect Night
Jolene Bar in the Meatpacking District

Can I take a summer night? I’d say we meet up in one of the parks and have a BBQ, because in Denmark we do a lot of outdoor drinking. If you are looking for bars you can be sure to find good ones in Vesterbro. And le’s not forget the Meatpacking District and Jolene!

The Place to meet Locals
Distortion Festival

Definitely at some sort of event that involves drinks. The rough truth is that Danish people usually have to be drunk to let you get to know them. Unfortunately, it’s not like you can just meet people at a romantic bookstore here…

The Art Hotspot
Copenhagen Street Art

What I like to do is walk around the neighbourhood in Nordvest and view the street art. They have had artists painting the sides of the facades, which is really cool. Another place to see incredible art is the National Gallery of Denmark

My Copenhagen Song

Ulige Numre – ‘København’

Listen to Jeppe’s favourite Copenhagen song on our TakeOffTalk Copenhagen Playlist