Rasmus’ Story

Rasmus Palsgård is a 29-year-old food journalist. After finishing his journalism studies in Aarhus, Rasmus moved to Copenhagen, where he still lives today with his girlfriend and newborn daughter. “I come from Jutland, where I grew up in a small city called Skive. It has 25.000 inhabitants. I had a clear mission about becoming a gastronomy journalist, so it was an obvious choice to go to Copenhagen.” Rasmus writes articles and reviews about food and wine and works as a consultant for restaurants. He loves the gastronomy scene in Copenhagen and is running his own successful blog about it, called Feinschmeckeren.


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Ramus main goal is to inspire his readers to go out and get some fantastic gastronomic experiences. “Speaking both as a food journalist and a normal person, I have to say that the gastronomy scene in Copenhagen is fantastic. It is a constant struggle to keep up, because so many amazing restaurants keep opening here.” In 2016, Rasmus, who normally is the judge of other people’s cooking abilities, switched to the other side and became a candidate on the Danish MasterChef. To balance his love for food, he is working out in the green areas of Copenhagen or as he puts it “When I’m not eating, I’m exercising”.

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Rasmus’ Copenhagen Tips

The Best Street

That’s Værnedamsvej in Frederiksberg. It’s sometimes referred to as the Paris of Copenhagen, because it’s quite lively and you see people sitting outside and enjoying a coffee and croissant. And there are great wine bars serving some of the most amazing French specialities.

The Best Restaurant
Juno Bakery

In Copenhagen, you will find excellent cooking on every level, from street food to fine dining. Juno is a fantastic bakery, which recently opened around the corner from my flat. But I think my favourite restaurant is Søllerød Kro. It’s a fine dining restaurant, but it’s still a place where you feel at home as soon as you walk in the door. It only has one Michelin star, which is a mystery to me, so I like to call it the best one Michelin star in the world.

The Perfect Night

Nothing too crazy – tasty things and good friends is all I need. I like to invite people to a glass of Champagne to my place, then go out to one of the many new restaurants. Afterwards, we would maybe visit the cocktail bar Ruby. It’s the kind of place where the bartender will ask you ‘Do you like your cocktail?’ and if you reply ‘Yeah, it’s quite nice’ he will immediately take it off you and say ‘We don’t do nice cocktails, we do great cocktails’ and replace it. 

The Place to meet Locals
Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 18.06.45
Meatpacking District

I have usually met the greatest people in restaurants. I’ll meet a waiter or a sommelier in a restaurant that I get a long with and we’ll go out for dinner or a drink a couple of weeks later. But also the Meatpacking District and the area around is a really great place to go for a drink to meet people. There is a guy called John, ‘Hotdog’ John who owns an excellent hotdog stall in the Meatpacking District. He focuses on sourcing sustainable meat and you can build your own hotdog. Hotdogs are a big thing here…

The Art Hotspot
Lousiana Museum

What I like the most is to go for a walk in different areas of the city to enjoy the difference of the buildings. There are the ‘potato rows’ for example, some very nice and old school houses. If I go to a museum it would be Louisiana. Or the ARKEN Museum, which also has great modern art. 

My Copenhagen Song

Lukas Graham – ‘Off to See the World’

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