Robin’s Story

Robin has been a native of Dublin all his life. Growing up on the edge of the Dublin mountains he has “the best of both worlds”, living amongst Dublin’s luscious nature and within a short commute to the city centre. “I don’t think I could live in Dublin City. I don’t want to be cramped in the city center, when I can be out here and live freely. I’m sure there are a lot of people living in cities, who would give anything to get out of them.”


After school, Robin enrolled in art college to study model making. Since he graduated in 2017, he’s been mainly working on film sets. He has done set design for productions like ‘Little Women’ and he recently worked on ‘The Rhythm Section’, which will be released in cinemas in 2019.

Robin as ‘Tail Skinner’ – one of his art installations – at a festival a few years back.


Robin’s Dublin Tips

The Best Street

Meath Street or Caple Street, they’re really dodgy and it’s just bizarre. It feels like you could be in any sort of time and you have to keep your hands in your pockets.

The Best Restaurant
The Bernard Shaw

The Bernard Shaw up on Camden street is a great place! The big blue bus out back does great pizza and you can drink a nice pint at the same time. They’re pretty forward thinking, they do hemp pizzas and all sorts of different stuff. It has a good atmosphere and a good buzz about it.

The Perfect Night
Whelan’s Pub

I would head into the city to see some live music in Whelan’s. Great gigs are always in Whelan’s, which is very close to The Bernard Shaw . If it’s the summer, having a drink on the canal is pretty great!

The Place to meet Locals

Sweeney’s Pub in Temple Bar has been the best place for years, but sadly it shut down recently. It’s the kind of place where all these crazy bohemian heads met up in the back alley outside Sweeney’s to drink cans until 4 in the morning and play the bongos. I’ve met many solid people there.

The Art Hotspot
Art at the Bernard Shaw

The Irish Museum of Modern Art is a great spot. There’s also some cool street art in Temple Bar and then again up in The Bernard Shaw, they have spray paint jams, so once every few months they paint the walls white and let really talented artists go at it. I think street art is definitely something that there needs to be more of in Dublin, cities like Berlin and New York own the city a bit more, everything here seems a bit over licenced…

My Dublin Song

The Eskies – ‘Down, Down, Down’

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